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Refer a 1Wish Kid 

Children's needs are an essential part of their everyday care. 

A child's dreams, want or wish is just as valuable to impact every day filled with hope, smiles, a memory, and a treasure experience 

A child's wish is the core of a child's imagination. 


  1Wish has created a vessel of hope by activating a network of resources within communities of each impacted family. 


1Wish will coordinate heart-centered wish experience.  Whether a wish is for dinner with a superhero, a new pet, a trip to visit grandma, be a fire firefighter or ride a hot air balloon.  The possibilities are endless 

A wish is only limited by the imagination and hope of a child.  

1Wish, 1Experience, 1 Memory, 1Impact 

Referrals & Eligibility
To be eligible, children must be meet the following criteria at the time of referral: 
  • A child under the age of 18 at the time of referral
  • A child with a life-altering illness 
  • A child who has not had a wish from another wish granting program 
1Wish Foundation accepts referrals 
  • Parents and legal guardians 
  • Healthcare professions 
  • Other family members familiar with the child diagnosis

Making a difference for a child 1Wish at a time 

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