1Wish Pet was created to provide love and unconditional love and support for a child with life-altering illnesses.  Mayo Clinic oncologist Dr. Edward Creagan says, "a pet is a medication without side effects that has so many benefits."  


Are you looking to grant a pet as the complement to a child's critical illness plan, contact 1Wish to find a formal program to accommodate a child's wish for a loving pet 


It is important to note that pet therapy isn't limited to dogs. Research has found benefits from therapy cats as well as other animals. 



Nominate a wish kid in your city  

Referrals & Eligibility
To be eligible, children must be meet the following criteria at the time of referral: 
  • A child under the age of 18 at the time of referral
  • A child with a life-altering illness 
  • A child who has not had a wish from another wish granting program 
1Wish Foundation accepts referrals 
  • Parents and legal guardians 
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Other family members familiar with the child diagnosis

Making a difference for a child 1Wish at a time 

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Phone: 623-215-9950 



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